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Machine Learning approach
for Electricity trading

[R/Python - End-to-End Project | Machine Learning | Business Case]
End-to-end machine learning project for electricity markets trading (EPEX spot). Developed a strategy to trade between day ahead and intraday electricity markets, models were trained on Azure Databricks using PySpark.

API wrapper

[Python - API | Data Manipulation | Automation]
My API wrapper python package to retrieve and transform historical weather data from www.worldweatheronline.com into pretty dataframe format and csv output.

price prediction

[Python - Machine Learning | Web Scraping]
Focusing on condominium listings in Bangkok, target audiences are buyers, resellers, agents and real estate developers. Obtained a baseline price using the current market data.

tips & tricks

My articles on programming tips & tricks and everyday task automations.
Since the online community has been a valuable resource for my growth, therefore, I want to help others overcome their own challenges as they enter field of data science. Moreover, writting articles also help me to improve my communication skills. :)